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Bubbly Letters is an arcade puzzle word-building game, inspired by games such as Wordscapes and Scrabble, exclusive to Playdate.

-- MODES --

  1. "Moves" Mode: Simple mind game and strategic use of moves remaining. If the number of moves reaches 0, the game ends.
  2. "Timer" Mode: Race against the timer! Get a new highscore before time runs out!
  3. "Zen" Mode: Just to skip some time and relax while building and creating words...
  4. "Speedrun" Mode (NEW!): Be as fast as possible to reach more points than the goal!

(NEW!) Now there's an option to choose what language to use:

  •  General Language: Both American and British English are accepted;
  •  American Language: Only American English is accepted;
  • British Language: Only British English is accepted.


D-Pad - Change Selected Menu Item (Up and Down);
- Change Number of Moves/Timer (Left and Right);
- Move Cursor.
'A' - Confirm Selected Menu Item;
- Hold input to select Letter; use D-Pad to build a word sequentially.
'B' - Delete Saved Highscores of all Modes on Main Menu Screen (at least 4 small clicks and 1 "hold 1 second" click);
- Reroll all Letters.
Crank - Change Selected Menu Item;
- Hold Left/Right D-Pad to change Number of Moves/Timer faster, either clockwise or counter-clockwise;
- Reroll all Letters;


  • (OUTDATED VERSION) It appears that some Playdate consoles will crash when choosing a mode on Main Menu. If so, try the MANUAL.zip option! If it still doesn't work, contact by leaving a comment as soon as possible so that I can resolve this situation as fast as I can!
  • If you have saved data of the old version and update it to the new version, please reset your saved data, as instructed in the "Controls" section!
  • If you find a problem or a bug, please leave a comment!


Used Noble Enginehttps://github.com/NobleRobot/NobleEngine

- --/ SFX \-- -

 - Wowie Resources: https://jonas-tyroller.itch.io/wowie-pack

- --/ MUSIC \-- -

 - Gamemaker Free Bundle Asset #9 - Music Tracks 2

- --/ GRAPHICS \-- -

 - Gamemaker Free Bundle Asset #8 - World Backgrounds

- --/ GRAPHICS \-- -

 - https://cooltext.com

- --/ EXTRA \-- -

 - English Words Text:



 - Letters Font Inspiration:



Buy Now2.00€ EUR or more

In order to download this bubbly game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of 2.00€ EUR. You will get access to the following files:

BubblyLettersv2.pdx.zip 8 MB
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BubblyLettersv3.pdx.rar 8 MB
BubblyLettersv3.pdx.zip 8 MB


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I can't start a game. The mode select screen loads and then it just crashes the Playdate when you try to start a game in any of the modes.

Yep. Same thing happens to me. Trying to start any mode just crashes my PlayDate. Hopefully this can be patched by the creator soon!

That's not good... Is there any error information on screen? If not, could you please explain more about how to recreate step by step?

Hey, I'm the same guy over on reddit already helping you debug!

No, it didn't give me any helpful info at all. Just a generic message.

This situation is now resolved with the new version enhancement. If there's any errors, please let me know!