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BallsyMove is a rage-inducing, racing against the clock game. You are in control of a ball that can be customized, in a series of levels to race and perform to reach the finish before the time runs out.


You'll encounter several obstacles, such as bumpers, slides and even gravity-shifting areas that can pull or attract you out of the course.

The best part? Every time you get out of the course, you start at the beginning of the level! No wonder why is it rage-inducing ;).


In order to move the ball, you only need to use WASD or the arrows of the keyboard. You can also use a controller for the game. In order to select the options of a menu, you can also use the mouse to select what you want.

There's no jumping mechanisms nor complex methods.



- Andres Vilches Cortes. (2018): 16 BITS VGM;

- Potatoes sound: New 8 bits Era;


- Bfxr


- AdamCYounis: Pixel Art Class - Isometric Tile Basics!;


- darklabgames.com: design-a-simple-universal-menu-in-gamemaker-2

- TA Games: How to fake a 3D ball using surfaces


Buy Now1.00€ EUR or more

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